What Do You Know About The New Lower Secondary School Curriculum?

Starting in 2020, learners who joined Senior 1 were introduced to a new curriculum for lower secondary school. The new curriculum commonly referred to as the competency based curriculum focused on preparing these learners with 21st century skills in which they will work and live.

The Government of Uganda immediately embarked on a nationwide retooling of teachers and school administrators in order to prepare them to deliver this curriculum. While efforts have been put in place to ensure that every teacher is capable of teaching under this curriculum, there ares till many who have not yet got the chance to fully grasp what this curriculum is all about.

Senior1.org was privileged to host Mr. Mukalele Rogers, a Master Trainer who gave our learners a glimpse of what the curriculum is all about, what is expected of learners and how they will be assessed. Mr. Mukalele’s talk was recorded and can be accessed in the video shared below.

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What is Blended Learning?

The need to digitise the teaching and learning experience has been around for decades. In fact it has been reality for some time and has