Organises Virtual Workshop on Competency Based Curriculum for Lower Secondary Schools – See List of Facilitators

The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Education and Sports launched a new curriculum for lower secondary schools in Uganda in February 2020. The curriculum, popularly referred to as the Competency based Curriculum however met several hurdles from the start making implementation slow. Among the reasons, the Covid-19 pandemic and a list of unanswered questions from legislators were the main distractors.

However, the National Curriculum Development Center (NCDC) pushed on through with several trainings across all regions in Uganda. NCDC also freely availed prototypes of syllabuses, learners’ guides and teachers books on their online portal in order to get material to those who could afford to download them.

A news bite about implementation of the new curriculum. Copyright – NTV Uganda

Due to the uphill task that NCDC foresaw ahead, they saw it wise to first, intensively train a few teachers who would turn out as Master Trainers. The plan was that these Master Trainers would be dispatched to various regions to train fellow teachers in the implementation of the new competency based curriculum that started with the senior one learners of 2020.

Despite all efforts to get to as many teachers as possible, it was discovered that majority of the teachers had not had a chance to attend these invite-only trainings. With 2 years of largely interrupted education, the need for training and retraining was high. Teams Up With Zoom and ProAV in Virtual Teachers’ training

In an effort to help more teachers understand the new curriculum, sought the help of 7 seasoned Master Trainers to spread the gospel of the new curriculum. was joined by Zoom For Education and ProAV to make the 7-day virtual training a success. was responsible for getting the trainers. Zoom for Education offered a 500 participant license while ProAV provided the equipment for the moderators.

Who are the facilitators?

The 7-teacher team of Master Trainers is led by Mukalele Rogers and included 2 ladies. The training is programmed to start on Wednesday 1st December 2021 with an introduction session by Mukalele Rogers under the topic. Linkage Between Syllabus, Learners Book and Teachers Guide. Topics by the other speakers are in the flyers below., Uganda’s newest elearning platform and only one dedicated to the new competency based curriculum continues to position itself as the leader in delivery of new curriculum lessons to learners in senior one and promises to continue with them as they proceed to other classes. has also organised a 1-month orientation program for learners who are just joining S.1 in order to give them an overview of what lies ahead of them in the competency based curriculum. The program is being implemented by a team of handpicked teachers who are well conversant in delivery of the new curriculum and have expertise in delivery and creation of lesson content via tools like, Flashback, zoom, YouTube and google classroom.



What is Blended Learning?

The need to digitise the teaching and learning experience has been around for decades. In fact it has been reality for some time and has