List of Topics in The New Senior 1 Biology Syllabus (Competency Based Curriculum)

Starting in 2020, the Government of Uganda through the National Curriculum Development Centre launched the new competency based curriculum. The competency based curriculum replaces the old curriculum and is aimed at producing learners with the necessary competencies required in 21st century work and life. You can read more on why we need this curriculum in and how it is delivered here.

Biology is one of the compulsory subjects learners will do throughout their 4 years of lower secondary school. While Biology like all other subjects has always been learnt within the limits of the 4 walls and occasional visits to the laboratory in the previous curriculum, gives you a rich online experience where you can learn at your pace and convenience if you register here. believes that every learner should be exposed to as many options as possible and that’s why lessons can be accessed online via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok. In the video below, Mr. Bbumba Patrick rounds up what is contained in the senior one Biology syllabus, how lessons will be handled, what is expected of learners and how assessment will be done. has also organised and put together all the syllabuses of the new lower secondary school curriculum for download here.

List of Topics in the New Senior 1 Biology Syllabus



Meaning of Biology

Life Processes

Differentiating Between Animals and Plants



Animal and Plant Cells

Functions of the Parts

Function of the Parts

Groups of Cells (Levels of Organisation)

Specialized Cells



The Need to Group/Categorize Living Organisms

Levels of Classification

Kingdom Monera



Parts of the Stem

The stem is the main part of the shoot and comprises

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