Education Ministry Releases 2022 Secondary School Calendar

The Ministry of Education and Sports has finally released the secondary school calendar that will be followed in 2022. Secondary school learners are to report back to school after a long break on 10th January 2022. The announcement was made by the First Lady and Minister for Education and Sports at the Education Sector Review that took place at Kololo Independence Grounds on Wednesday.

Schools in Uganda have been closed for over 80 weeks due to Covid-19. Few learners were able to attend online classes like the ones we organised here for senior one learners. With the new calendar, each term will be 14 weeks long with a 3 week holiday. Term II will open on 9th May 2022 and close on Friday 12th August 2022.

2022, secondary school calendar.

Term I and Term II holidays will take 3 weeks each while Term III holidays will start on 10th December 2022 and run till 29th January 2023. However, it must be noted that this calendar entirely depends on if the nation does not slip back into another lockdown.

How Senior one students will cope

While all learners have been affected in one way or another, those in senior one have a bigger challenge than their counterparts in other classes. Starting 2020, the government of Uganda introduced a new curriculum for lower secondary schools now commonly known as the competency based curriculum. The pioneers of this curriculum did not even have proper educational material yet the curriculum was a new concept to the teachers.

Fortunately, organised the first every virtual orientation month which was intended to help them get a glimpse of what awaited them. During the orientation program, learners were briefed in all the subjects including Mathematics, Chemistry, German, History and more. A download section for senior one syllabi can be freely accessed on the website for learners to have an outline of what they are supposed to cover throughout the year.

The school term has been lengthened and holidays shortened so that they can cover a lot more than they could have done in the normal term duration. also has many videos in every subject that can be watched on YouTube for those who missed the December sessions. An overview of the new competency based curriculum by Master Trainer Rogers Mukalele was also recorded for reference purposes.

Registration for 2022 has lined up a team of competent teachers who are going to give support to learners throughout 2022. Learners who register with us will be given all class materials in all subjects and online lessons and assessment on top of free counselling for those in need.

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You can also download subject syllabuses from here or the learners books here.

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You can also download subject syllabuses from here or the learners books here.



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